Commercial Cleaning Services

Streamline Cleaning with Smart Strategies

Every minute that you save in a busy day adds to productivity and boosts your bottom line. Streamline the time you spend on routine chores with these smart cleaning strategies:

Store all supplies in one location, and keep them portable. 

• Shine keyboards and monitors with disposable towelettes designed to pick up crumbs, dust and debris.

Designate a central closet for the office vacuum, but don’t bury it behind supplies. 

• Garbage patrol goes faster when you keep refill trash liners in the bottom of bins

Disinfectant wipes come in handy on restroom counters and break room tables.

• If you don’t use a cleaning service, designate and post routine duties, but let employees trade assignments. To keep things fair, rotate jobs on a regular basis. 

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Specialty Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of Greenwood, Abbeville & McCormick Counties offers cleaning services ranging from cleaning restaurant hoods to removing biohazard contaminants. We have the specialized training and products to get your property back to business. Our cleaning services include the following: